Atomic Cloud examines the era ushered in with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in August 1945. Fat Man, the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, was created with plutonium produced at Hanford by workers largely unaware of the end product of their top-secret wartime jobs.  Work in this theme explores the aftermath and human toll of the bombings, an age marked by aboveground atomic testing, and the unleashing of the infamous mushroom cloud.

Little A-Bombed Bottle by elin o'Hara Slavick Alamagordo by elin o'Hara slavick Epiphany by Gabe Williams, Linoleum Block Print United Nations by Kyle Huntress Untitled by Kyle Huntress Japan by Thendara Kida-Gee

Trinity factoid

Nagasaki Factoid

Hiroshima Factoid

No Nukes Poster

The Village: It's Atomic Bombs



What doesn’t like soap, shampoo

or water, but binds

with conditioner to hair?


what resembles snow

or rain

or air?


What is invisible?

smells like nothing?

Sounds like listening?


What is the consistency of sand,

ground pepper

or pumice stone?


What goes by the names

Black Rain,

Bikini Snow?


What can be waited out?

What can kill you?

What is harmless?


-Chelsea Bolan

This poem is based on the 1955 pamphlet

Facts about Fallout





elin o’Hara slavick. Alamogordo. 1999

Gabe Williams. Epiphany. 2009

Photo by Richard Nicol

Gathering Blackberries


I wish I could spend three days grieving:

Hiroshima/Nagasaki - fingers purple-stained,

Wrists raw from thorns. How easily

Ripe ones pull off - skin, testicles, nipples –

The largest nearly the size of a baby's eye.

Suddenly we go from blossom to berry to seed.

Dear Christ, Dear Buddha I offer

One blackberry for each thousand A-bomb deaths.


-- Forestville, August 6, 1988

William Witherup


This poem is included in the collection

Downwind, Downriver, New and Selected Poems

West End Press, October, 2000