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Toxicology History Association

Toxicological History Association - Mission Statement (Draft)
The Toxicological History Association (THA) is a scholarly society consisting of toxicologists, historians, and others interested in promoting the study of the history of toxicology and related fields, including, but not limited to, environmental health, occupational safety and health, risk sciences, etc. Its scope encompasses both research and clinical applications, and it collaborates with professional societies in these areas. It sponsors conferences, courses, colloquia, exhibits, and other educational programs and events to inform toxicologists and other scientists, and the general public, of the fascinating history of toxicology. Further, the THA explores the influence of history on contemporary toxicology, and its repercussions beyond the science, through laws and regulations, as well as societal and cultural impacts. The THA encourages the preparation of scholarly papers and books and seeks other electronic means, including the use of social media tools, to broadly disseminate information.

Toxicology History Room

The Toxicology History Association seeks contributors to create new posters with a focus on a historical aspect of toxicology, public health or other areas of interest. Our goal is to place scientific information in the context of history, society, and culture in a way that both enlightens and inspires. Information and poster are at the Toxicology History Room.

Founding of the Toxicology History Association

The Toxicological History Association (THA) was formally started on May 16, 2011 by a conference call chaired by Phil Wexler, who was also elected the first president.