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The Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders (INND) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on research and education on toxic chemicals. INND was founded in 1999 by Steven G. Gilbert, PhD, DABT and is based in Seattle.


INND distributes scientific information about the health and environmental impacts of toxic chemicals, thereby empowering the public and policy makers to make choices that create healthy communities and environments. We strive to place scientific information in the context of history, society, and culture and believe that all children have a right to an environment in which they can reach and maintain their full potential. The INND bylaws are available here.  




Toxipedia: A free, interactive toxicology encyclopedia hosting over a thousand pages about chemicals and their health effects, ethical issues, toxicological history, teaching resources, and much more.

IPMopedia : Toxipedia's sister site, offering free and up-to-date integrated pest management advice direct from green gardening experts.

Washington Nuclear Museum and Education Center (WANMEC): An online exhibit highlighting the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, the most contaminated toxic site in the Western Hemisphere.


World Library of Toxicology : A free portal to agencies, NGOs, universities, and professional societies around the world that address public and environmental health.

Facts on Composting : Provides information on potential health threats from emissions from large scale composting facilities in Western Washington.


  • A Small Dose of Toxicology : An introductory toxicology textbook written by INND director Dr. Steven G. Gilbert and published by CRC Press. A Small Dose of Toxicology explores the principles of toxicology by examining the health effects of common chemical agents and placing toxicology within the framework of our daily lives. Updated e-book edition available for free from Healthy World Press.
  • Grow Smart, Grow Safe: A Consumer Guide to Lawn and Garden Products : This guide allows gardeners to quickly find lawn and garden products least hazardous to people, pets, wildlife, lakes and streams, and groundwater. It also contains tips from regional experts on ways to grow a productive, healthy garden without toxic chemicals. INND staff evaluated and ranked all 600 products for the 2009 edition of this guide, which is a project of King County Local Hazardous Waste Management Program, Thurston County, and Oregon Metro. An online edition was also created and is available on the IPMopedia website.


  • Toxipedia Web Development Services : Provides science-based nonprofit organizations, professional societies, and public interest groups with cutting-edge website design and construction to create open spaces for effective information sharing and dissemination.


Director Dr. Steven G. Gilbert has provided over 450 presentations about harmful chemicals and safer alternatives to environmental health professionals, educators, college and K-12 students, and community members. Dr. Gilbert is an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle, and an Affiliate Professor in Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at the University of Washington in Bothell. He attends national and international conferences on toxicology and environmental health, participates in media interviews and public hearings, and has served on the board of directors of organizations including the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research, Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility, Institute for Children's Environmental Health, Resource Media, and Washington Toxics Coalition.  

INND also conducts outreach at community events in the Seattle area.

History of Accomplishments

1999: INND is founded by Dr. Steven G. Gilbert.

2004: A Small Dose of Toxicology is published and becomes a best-selling introductory toxicology text. A companion website,, is launched.

2006: Toxipedia is launched and expands to contain over one thousand pages within one year.

2008: IPMopedia is launched and featured on KUOW community radio's Green Days program.

2009: Washington Nuclear Museum and Education Center is launched and funding is obtained to expand the site.

2009: World Library of Toxicology is launched and first announced at the 7th Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries (7TDC) in Sun City, South Africa.

2009: INND analyzes toxicity data of over 800 pesticide products for Grow Smart, Grow Safe: A Consumer Guide to Lawn and Garden Products (6th ed.), published by Portland Metro and King County.

2010: Toxipedia Web Development Services is launched.

2011: Healthy World Press is launched and 1st edition of Particles on the Wall is published. Toxipedia content on oil dispersants developed for Earthjustice becomes top Google search result on the topic. Healthy Gardening Guide is launched. 

2012: Facts on Composting is launched. A Small Dose of Toxicology, 2nd edition, is published as free e-book by Healthy World Press, along with a new companion website. Second edition of Particles on the Wall is published.

2013: Chinese translation of A Small Dose of Toxicology is published by Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers. Spanish section of Toxipedia is launched.

2014: Expanded 2nd edition of A Small Dose of Toxicology is published as free e-book by Healthy World Press. Translation projects for Arabic and German are launched. Toxipedia hosts Texas Tech University's Reference Guide for Fungi.

2015: Toxipedia hosts the relaunched Particles on the Wall website. Toxipedia updates and relaunches Lessons Learned series of articles. Milestones of Toxicology poster is now available in fifteen translations.

2016: Four additional chapters to A Small Dose of Toxicology are made available for download. Dr. Steven Gilbert is awarded the Society of Toxicology's Public Communications Award. Toxipedia hosts A Global Bibliographic Perspective of Toxicology. Toxipedia merges with Collaborative on Health and the Environment.


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Dr. Steven G. Gilbert, founder and executive director,

Juliana DeCarvalho Anderson, research assistant,

Jeff Williams, editor and publishing coordinator,

Maria M. Williams, editor and researcher,



Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders

3711 47th Place NE

Seattle, WA 98115


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