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Love Canal Archives (University at BuffaloLibraries, Special Collections)

The State University of New York, University at Buffalo's Special Collections has perhaps the most comprehensive online resource, Love Canal Collections, in the University Archives, a unit of the University Libraries. This resource includes links to the LoveCanal collections finding aids, an image gallery, a clipping database, and an introduction to the history and background of the events that occurred at LoveCanal. The Ecumenical Task Force Records (including scanned documents), the Love Canal Area Revitalization Agency Records, Love Canal Repository Grant Records, Adeline Levine Love Canal Research Materials (Professor of Sociology from the State University of New York at Buffalo from 1968-circa 1990; Levine's published book, Love Canal: Science, Politics, and People (1982) examined the crisis at Love Canal by following the development of local community organizations and scrutinizing the government's response), and additional related Love Canal collections at the University Archives comprise the Love Canal Collections. Among these other collections are the Penelope D. Ploughman Love Canal Collection, a compilation of microfilm of articles about Love Canal from the New York Times, the Buffalo Evening News, and the Niagara Gazette for the period 1978-1980 with an index to the coverage and a collection of more than two hundred photographic slides of the Love Canal area taken by Dr. Ploughman. In 1977-1980 Dr. Ploughman was a member of the University at Buffalo Sociology Department's Love Canal Research Group. Her dissertation, "The creation of newsworthy events: an analysis of newspaper coverage of the man-made disaster at Love Canal" (1984), addresses the role of the news media in the LoveCanaldisaster. A copy of the dissertation is included in the collection. Other components of these related collections include a series of aerial photographs and maps of the Love Canal toxic waste disposal area of Niagara Falls, N.Y., images imparting a chronological history of the area from 1938 through 1979; and a large collection of photographs and maps (available later in 2009). This photograph collection will include hundreds of photographs and maps published in New York State and United States federal government documents; photographs and maps collected by the Ecumenical Task Force of the Niagara Frontier and the Love Canal Area Revitalization Agency; and photographs taken by news services at the University at Buffalo, Pat Brown, Penelope D. Ploughman, and others. The Love Canal Newspaper Database indexes newspaper article titles culled from the Ecumenical Task Force of the Niagara Frontier Love Canal Collection. Taken from local and national newspapers from 1978-1990, some articles may be restricted for study by copyright issues (please contact the StateUniversity of New York at BuffaloUniversity Archives at for full-text articles). Additional links related to LoveCanal include, government websites, online articles, organizations, academic websites, videos.

Frederick W. Stoss

Science and Engineering Library

University at Buffalo, SUNY 05/12/09

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