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The Issue

The Society is committed to providing the most effective and critical career resources to promote the professional advancement of each and every member, across all career stages. If members believe that they benefit directly from superior services, they also benefit indirectly through their engagement in these services. This interaction propels and sustains professional development. The Society has enjoyed a long tradition of providing outstanding services to its membership. As the field of Toxicology evolves, so must the SOT and its membership, through the breadth and depth of member services. Accordingly, several Key Objectives are paramount if the Society is to meet the challenge of enhancing the professional development of all of its members.

Key Objectives for this Strategic Priority

  • Assess Member Needs Using Effective Data Collection. This objective will rest upon enhancement of data collection capabilities.
  • Enhance Current and Provide New Member Services. The quality and range of services will be strengthened based on high quality member data.
  • Enhance Mechanisms for Smaller Group Engagement. Support for existing mechanisms will expand and new opportunities that are identified using member data will be pursued.
  • Build Bridges to Connect Diverse Member Groups. Emphasis will be placed on bringing sectors of our Society that operate independently into productive collaborations.
  • Determine Future Membership Scope and Scale. The Society will work proactively rather than reactively to understand and foster evolution of our membership, in keeping with our Vision and supporting our Strategic Priorities.
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