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A Small Dose of...

A Small Dose of Toxicology

By Steven G. Gilbert

A Small Dose of Toxicology - The Health Effects of Common Chemicals (2004) (CRC Press). More information, including PowerPoint slides for each chapter, is available at

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For a one-day toxicology course based on A Small Dose of Toxicology see Introduction to Toxicology.

Published by CRC Press, A Member of Taylor & Francis Group, 2004, pp. 266, $35.95. ISBN: 0415311683 

A Small Dose of Toxicology by Steven G. Gilbert explores the principles of toxicology by examining the health effects of common chemical agents. Every day, we come into contact with many relatively harmless substances that could, at certain concentrations, be toxic. This applies not only to obvious candidates such as asbestos, lead, mercury, and gasoline, but also to such common compounds as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and headache tablets. While the field of toxicology has numerous technical books devoted to aspects of biology, chemistry, and mechanisms of action, A Small Dose of Toxicology places toxicology within the framework of our daily lives. 

In an easy and accessible style, A Small Dose of Toxicology illustrates the principles of toxicology by exploring the effects of common chemical agents. It reviews the fundamentals of dose-response and factors of individual sensitivity, and applies this knowledge to environmental contaminants such as lead, arsenic, pesticides, mercury, and radiation. Additional chapters discuss neurotoxicology, carcinogenicity, risk assessment, and the precautionary principle. Each chapter is designed as a self-contained module to allow for flexibility in the selection of personal or academic information. Toxicology is kept alive and interesting by placing the subject in an historical context that shows that our awareness of poisons is centuries old. Environmental and public health professionals, students, and those interested in acquiring a basic foundation in toxicology will find this a useful resource. The text is supplemented by web-based information that includes references and ready-to-use presentation material. For additional information, see

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