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Impacts of Hanford

Hanford has had dramatic impacts on Eastern Washington, the Pacific Northwest, the United States, and the world. With our new interactive map you can learn about the sources of supplies used to build the facility and produce plutonium, where that plutonium went once it left Hanford, and how the plutonium impacted its final destination.

The "Hanford Reach" Interactive Map

This interactive map displays the global reach and impact of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. From the source of building materials used in the construction of the facility, to the final destination of plutonium that was produced at Hanford, to radioactive waste that was sent to Hanford to be stored, this project displays the effects that Hanford had, and continues to have, on the surrounding area as well as points around the globe.

Clicking on a point on the map will provide you with information on the location and its relationship to Hanford, as well as links to pages on WANMEC that house in-depth discussions on this relationship.

Zoom into a map of the Northwest to view Hanford's Impact on the region



Destination of Hanford Outputs

Origin of Hanford Inputs

Atomic Bomb Dropped on Nagasaki, Japan

Uranium rods from Aliquippa, PA

Atomic Bomb Tests in the Bikini Atoll

Radioactive Waste from Albany, OR

Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico

Uranium rods from Adrian, MI

Trinity Bomb Test, New Mexico

Uranium rods and slugs from Toledo, OH

Fallout in Nishiyama District, Japan

Processed Uranium from Springdale, PA

Scrap metal to Beverly, MA

Processed Uranium from Fairfield, OH

Lost Bomb off of Georgia Coast

Processed Uranium from Columbus East, OH

Recycled Uranium to Paducah, KY

Radioactive Material from New York, NY

Recycled uranium to Piketon, OH

Fuel Rods from Apollo, PA

Hydrogen bomb materials to Alaska

Processed Uranium from Oxford, OH

Radioactive oysters in Willapa Bay, WA

Radioactive Waste from Davis, CA

Radioactive whale in Depoe Bay, OR

Nuclear reactor from Oregon

Contamination of groundwater from N Reactor

Uranium metal from Fernald, OH

Radioactive emissions to the Wahluke Slope

Uranium rods from Detroit, MI

Emissions to Rattlesnake Mountain

Uranium metal from Niagara Falls, NY

Strontium Contaminated Water from N Reactor

Uranium from Port Hope, ON

Radioactive Contamination of the Columbia River

Radioactive waste and reactor from Shippingport, PA

Hot Spots of Radiation

Reprocessed plutonium from West Valley, NY

Green Run Radiation Release

Fuel rods from Lockport, NY

Radioactive Waste to Waste Isolation Plant in New Mexico

Uranium from Democratic Republic of Congo

Plutonium to Operation Wigwam off the coast of San Diego

Reprocessed fuel from Puerto Rico

Uranium Fuel Rods to the K Basins

Nuclear reactors from Bremerton, WA

Nevada Test Site

Chemical plant design from Rockville, MD

Radioactive Residue to Buffalo, NY

Midnite uranium mine, Spokane, WA

Radioactive Fallout to St. George, UT

Sherwood uranium mine, Spokane, WA

Radioactive Fallout to Enterprise, UT

Processed uranium from Monticello, UT

Radioactive Fallout to Iron County, UT

Uranium from Carrizo Mountains, AZ

Nuclear Bomb Test in Carlsbad, NM

Vanadium Tailings from Durango, CO

Nuclear Bomb Test at the Gasbuggy Site, NM

Uranium Ore from Tonawanda, NY

Nuclear Bomb Test at Rulison Site, CO


Nuclear Bomb Test at Rio Blanco Site, CO



Environmental Effects

Enter the Environmental Effects section for detailed information on how Hanford became the most contaminated site in the Western Hemisphere.

Human Health Effects

Enter the Human Health Effects section for detailed information on the effects that Hanford had on its workers and the surrounding public.

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