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WA Human Health Voters

WA Human Health Voters - WAHHVoters


started – May 2014 or 


Human Health Voters Guiding Principles:

Our Goals for organizing:

  • Gain attention for Human Health Issues – especially those concerning environmental impacts to human health
  • Educate and Inform elected officials that are in a position to advance regulatory and legislative policies for our issues
  • Support and elect candidates that are champions of human health topics
  • Remove politicians that are a hindrance to our causes

Our methods:

  • Giving voice to the issues by advocating and informing people about the problems associated with human heallth that have environmental causes
  • Putting dollars where our mouths are by supporting campaigns, funding independent expenditures, and recruiting others to do so.

Human Health Voters Issues / Questions

DRAFT – May 18, 2014

  1. Chemical policy reform – giving DoH or DoE authority to restrict hazardous compounds
  2. How much of a Pesticide is used in WA
  3. Flame retardants – restrict use – WTC bill
  4. Nanoparticles – form NIRT – Nanoparticles Interest Report and Tracking Panel 
  5. Hanford – build new tanks – replace leakers
  6. Label GMO foods
  7. Oppose coal trains through WA state or shipping coal from WA
  8. Support faster cleanup of Hanford meet tripartite agreements
  9. Oppose nuclear power. Support shut down of CGS
  10. Encourage instillation of solar power, distributed energy generation
  11. Acknowledge climate change and need for carbon tax
  12. Support income tax
  13. your issue ???


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