University Partnerships


Toxipedia seeks partnerships with any undergraduate or graduate program whose focus aligns with Toxipedia's mission to promote public and environmental health. Appropriate subject areas include, but are not limited to, environmental science, public health, toxicology, pharmacology, and biology. University partnerships allow programs and students to publish papers on Toxipedia. These partnerships are mutually beneficial: papers that would normally be stuffed into a desk after completion are not only edited, but are made publicly available, allowing authors to gain a larger audience and to help people to make more informed decisions. In turn, these submissions grow Toxipedia's content base and demonstrate that the site is a collaborative tool that benefits the public.


Establishing a Partnership

To establish a partnership, please contact Maria Williams at After a partnership is established, please instruct students to upload their work directly or to email it to the site for upload. Because contributing to Toxipedia is so easy, this can be done in a matter of minutes!

All papers contributed will be copyedited to correct any errors in grammar, usage, or mechanics (punctuation, spelling, etc). They will also go through a review process where one of our review board members with knowledge in the particular topic of the paper will analyze the document to ensure accuracy and validity.

Partnership Papers

The pages below were adapted from university partnerships at Pennsylvania State University, King University, and Touro University.

King University toxicology course, spring 2015:


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