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Toxipedia Web Development Services (TWDS) provides science-based nonprofit organizations, professional societies, and public interest groups with cutting-edge website design and construction to create open spaces for effective information sharing and dissemination. (open one-page PDF flyer)

Our website platform, which uses wiki 2.0 technology, allows for collaborative efforts to create educational websites of interest to the scientific community and the public at large. In addition to designing and setting up your website, we provide training to put the power of maintaining your website into your hands. You will quickly be able to learn the simple ways to update and manage your website, ensuring that control of your site is at your fingertips.

Our project team strives to improve people's understanding of public and environmental health topics by presenting scientific information within the context of history, society, and culture. By creating interactive websites and printed publications that educate the scientific community or the general public, we link people with the scientific information they need to make decisions that promote healthy people, communities, and environments.

Contact TWDS for more information or to inquire about enlisting our services for your next project.

Services Offered

TWDS offers the following services to its clients:

  • Website design and construction
  • Business card, brochure, and marketing material design
  • Database and e-newsletter management
  • Detailed tracking of site users
  • Website management training
  • Scientific research
  • Editing of educational and promotional materials (ranging from basic copyediting to in-depth content editing)
  • Integration with Toxipedia research databases
  • Social networking

Client Portfolio


TWDS has created the following websites for organizations throughout the United States:

IPMopedia is a clearinghouse of information on integrated pest management and green gardening. The site was created for the Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders.

The Washington Nuclear Museum and Educational Center is dedicated to educating the public about the nuclear history of Washington State with a focus on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. The site was created for Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility.

The World Library of Toxicology is a global portal to information resources on toxicology and public health from countries on all seven continents. The site was created for the USA National Library of Medicine.


TWDS has conducted research on various environmental health topics for nonprofit and government clients:

The TWDS Team

Steven G. Gilbert PhD - Executive Editor of Toxipedia and Director of INND
Nick Thorp - Project Manager for Toxipedia and our suite of websites
Maria M. Williams - Lead Editor and researcher for Toxipedia and other projects
Kelli Lewis - Kelli Lewis Design - Graphic design and website development
Darryl Duke - Stepstone Technologies - Wiki technologies and much more

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