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This section of the bibliography provides historical insight into the formation, maturation, and even the cessation or merger of regularly and irregularly issued toxicological related journals and publications.  Although many journals are sponsored by an umbrella organization, documents here pertain solely to toxicological journals and publications. Conversely, documents pertaining solely to a toxicological organization appear in the “Professional Organizations” section of the bibliography.

General Reviews

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Alphabetical by Title

American Journal of Nanotoxicology & Nanoscience.

Zhou S.F. 2015. American Journal of Nanotoxicology and Nanoscience aims to publish novel discoveries in nanotoxicology and nanoscience. American Journal of Nanotoxicology & Nanoscience. 1(1).

Annals Pharmaceutiques Francaises

Astier A. 2011. [The Annales Pharmaceutiques Françaises: the international top French journal in pharmacology, toxicology and pharmaceutical sciences]. Ann Pharm Fr. 69(4):193-5. French.

Annals of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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Annals of Occupational Hygiene

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Aquatic Toxicology

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Archives of Environmental & Occupational Health

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Archives of Industrial Hygiene & Toxicology

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British Journal of Industrial Medicine

Anonymous. The British Journal of Industrial Medicine: 50 years on. British Journal of Industrial Medicine. 50(1):1-4.

Chemical Research in Toxicology

Marnett L.J. 2012. Goodbye Columbus: Reflections on 25 years of editing CRT. Chemical Research in Toxicology. 25(12):2619-2622.

Clinical Chemistry & Laboratory Medicine

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Cutaneous & Ocular Toxicology

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Environmental Health Perspectives

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Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry

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European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

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Food & Chemical Toxicology

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Human & Experimental Toxicology

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Industrial Health

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International Journal of Occupational Medicine

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International Journal of Toxicology

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Journal of Analytical Toxicology

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Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

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Journal of Industrial Hygiene

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Journal of Medical Toxicology

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Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics

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Journal of Toxicology: Clinical Toxicology.

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Mutation Research

Wassom J.S. and Von Halle E.S. 1991. Mutation Research and the literature of genetic toxicology. Another milestone. Mutation Research. 250(1-2):499-502.

Occupational Medicine & Toxicology

Groneberg D.A. and Fischer A. 2006. Editorial: Occupational Medicine & Toxicology. Journal of Occupational Medicine & Toxicology. 1(1).

Particle and Fibre Toxicology

Cassee F.R. 2011. Reflections on the scope and future of Particle and Fibre Toxicology. Particle & Fibre Toxicology. 8:13.

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Pharmacological Reviews

Stitzel R.E. 1999. Fifty years of Pharmacological Reviews. Pharmacological Reviews. 51(1):3-6.


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Toxicologic Pathology

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Toxicological Sciences

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