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Society of Toxicologic Pathology

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Welcome to the STP Wiki Test Page

STP web site

The goals of the STP Wiki:

•To create a "go-to site" for the most comprehensive and current toxicologic pathology information available on the Web consisting of searchable scientific articles, texts and other materials of relevance to the toxicologic pathology community and original toxicologic and histologic data and images. The Society currently provides for both formal and informal collaborations and education through forums such as the STP Annual symposium, STP Best Practices Papers, the Toxicologic Pathology journal. These vehicles are useful, but slow to respond to the rapidly growing number of issues facing toxicologic pathology community in the age of global information.

•To create a central site for searching and linking the complex array of pathological concepts, toxicological techniques, and regulatory issues in a database that can be easily and continuously updated and refined by all legitimate stakeholders in toxicological pathology.

•To increase awareness of the value of the work of toxicologic pathologists among other scientists and the public.

•To further advance the STP's mission to be an international leader for the improvement of human and animal health using an interdisciplinary scientific approach based in pathology and toxicology. This project encompasses all four primary goals of the STP: recruitment, advocacy, globalization, and collaboration.

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