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Quality Assurance and Control

toxipedia's mission is to advance human and environmental health by providing comprehensive and accurate scientific information on the hazards and risks of chemical and physical agents. toxipedia also provides information on regulation, the history of toxicology, and ethical considerations, among many other topics, and encourages site visitors to submit testimonials for its This Is My Health project.

Through research and experience, society has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the health and environmental effects of chemicals. Inevitably, this growth in knowledge brings specialization and individuals with specific areas of expertise.  toxipedia provides a way to "tap" into this specialized knowledge for the benefit of all.

Comprehensive and accurate information is an essential part of the learning and decision-making process. The following system is designed to provide guidance on the reliability and accuracy of the information presented on toxipedia.

TXP-1 - The article is the product of the author and has undergone no review. Authors are encouraged to reference source material or high-level toxipedia material. Editorials will always be at this level.

TXP-2 - The article was created or reviewed by toxipedia staff. References may be a work in progress.

TXP-3 - The article has undergone external peer review by recognized experts on the topic and is fully referenced to source material.

We invite contributions from anyone with expertise or interest in environmental and human health topics. Please read our Writers Guidelines if you would like to contribute!

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