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Nutmeg - a spicy drug

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Nutmeg is an egg-shaped seed of Myristica fragrans, a tree growing in the Banda Islands (Moluccas; Indonesia). Despite the risk of death, nutmeg remained popular among women who wanted to abort, particulary in London, where they were called "Nutmeg ladies". It was also used as abortifacient in Europe, but not without danger: in 1576, French botanist and physician Mathias Lobel, in his book Plantarum seu stirpium historia, related a case in which a woman was rendered delirious by nutmegs. In the 16th century, slaves consumed nutmeg as a sedative to better withstand the rigors of tranport by ship.

The seed contains approximately 4 per cent of myristicin.

Nutmeg - a spicy drug - Poster

  • Nutmeg - a spicy drug poster (pdf file) by Franck Canorel, graduate of the School of Public Health of Nancy - France (Faculty of Medicine), holder of a diploma of third cycle in health environment and a MD in geography and planning
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