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Lessons Learned

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Lessons Learned: Looking Back to Go Forward

A series of articles exploring historical events that provide an important lesson for ensuring a more sustainable and healthy environment, as well as current issues affecting the trajectory of environmental health awareness and advocacy. Originally published as a bulletin feature for the newsletter of CHE-WA (Collaborative on Health and the Environment, Washington State chapter); produced by Steven G. Gilbert.

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  1. Toxipedia Folks:  Congrats on this toxic history and your updates, primarily by Dr. Steve Gilbert. It's all so powerfully written and accessed in one place. From 1917, when radium on the watch dial workers were told, "not to worry" (the standing mantra of the nuclear weapons, waste and power industry) "it makes your cheeks rosy...." to Oil Dispersants,  to the pump handle and Cholera in London in 1854; to the Tacoma smelter raining down arsenic onto Vashon and the rest of us. Good history, good work Thanks much. 

    1. Thank you Tom! These Lessons Learned pieces get to the core of Toxipedia's mission to present science in the context of history, society, and culture, and we hope to add more pieces in the future.