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Ilya B. Slizovskiy

Ilya Slizovskiy, B.Sc. Hons., is a recent research student graduate from Muhlenberg College (Allentown, PA, USA) who completed his degree with honors in Environmental Science and Chemistry, and a research concentration in Environmental Toxicology. Ilya has been a Senior research scientist for over five years, and is currently finishing his work as a visiting toxicologist at Muhlenberg. As an undergraduate student, Ilya earned numerous honors, including the Johnson & Johnson, LLP. Toxicology Research Scholarship (2006), Merck / AAAS Research Scholarship (2007), FDSC Muhlenberg College Dean's Summer Research Award (2008), State Research Award for undergraduate scholarship in Pennsylvania (PA-URAC) (2008), and the Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry (SETAC) Research Award for Student Research. In the Fall of 2011, Ilya will be pursuing studies at the Yale University School of Medicine and Yale University School of Public Health.

Proximately, Ilya's scholarly interests include the study of the intrinsically fundamental connections between manifestations of disease / dysfunction and environmental contaminant exposure. This endeavor consists of a tripartite approach: (1) Identification of contributing factors associated with toxicity risk imposed on biotic systems; (2) Elucidation of mechanisms to mitigate the residence of xenobiotics in environmental conditions; (3) Development and implementation of analytical and chemical techniques / methodologies necessary to study a variety of toxicological paradigms. Within the scope of each of these approaches, Ilya has published numerous papers in highly cited peer-reviewed journals.

Ilya's specific interest's include the fields of: Nanotechnology and nanotoxicology; mammalian toxicology; plant toxicology; environmental medicine. His writing generally focuses on: bioavailability; biodegradation; chemical fate modeling; risk assessment; organochlorine pesticides; humic substances; metals; biphenyls; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; personal and pharmaceutical care products; surfactants; xenoestrogens.

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