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Henri Victor Regnault

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Henri Victor Regnault (July 21, 1810 - January 19, 1878) was a French chemist and physicist best known for his careful measurements of the thermal properties of gases.

Regnault distinguished himself in the nascent field of organic chemistry by synthesizing several chlorinated hydrocarbons (e.g. vinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride, dichloromethane) in 1835.

He was appointed professor of chemistry at the University of Lyon. In 1840, he was appointed the chair of chemistry of the École Polytechnique, and in 1841, he became a professor of Physics in the Collège de France. He designed sensitive thermometers, hygrometers, hypsometers and calorimeters, and measured the specific heats of many substances and the coefficient of thermal expansion of gases.


Henri Victor Regnault - wikipedia

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