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Heidi Siegelbaum

Heidi Siegelbaum is a principal for Calyx Sustainable Tourism, which builds capacity for sustainable tourism in Washington State and the Pacific NW Bioregion. She is deeply committed to chemical and toxics reform, having starting her environmental career as an attorney for EPA's New Chemicals Program.

Heidi fully supports transparent ingredient labeling, and collaborative partnerships between private businesses, public agencies and nonprofits. As a behavioral junkie, she is a big fan of giving businesses and residents vivid, enabling and positive tools to make healthier purchasing choices, while telling a compelling story. She has a long and storied history on farms, Wall Street, cooking school, hotels, and her eventual choice to marry sustainability with the multi-billion dollar tourism industry.

She has enjoyed her many years collaborating with her friends and colleagues in pollution prevention and toxics reduction/chemical reform. They are a cohesive, lively, committed and wonderful group of people. Heidi is a regular contributor on American Public Media's Greenwash Brigade, which has brought a fresh and analytical perspective to this classic syndicated business show. Please visit and share your thoughts on a wide array of topics!

Heidi Siegelbaum

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