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Gagney, Aileen

Aileen Gagney, Asthma and Environmental Health Program Manager, has a Master Degree in Architecture and a Master Degree in Fine Arts. She is a former designer/general contractor and presently operates her own residential inspection business in Seattle. She has been an adjunct faculty member at the University of Washington and at the Continuing Education Department at North Seattle Community College.

In her capacity as Asthma and Environmental Health Program Manager at the American Lung Association of the Northwest (ALANW), she is responsible for overall program administration, strategic planning, fiscal management, grant writing and management, achieving program deliverables, volunteer management, and advocacy on asthma and environmental health issues. She also builds capacity for environmental and educational opportunities within the community by developing and maintaining strong grassroots support and community partnerships.

Aileen is the Executive Director for CLEARCorpc Pacific Northwest (an AmeriCorps program) and manages the Master Home Environmentalist© (MHE©) program. This program trains volunteers in indoor air quality issues such as moisture and biological contaminants, asthma, mold, dust, lead, household chemicals, etc. Trained volunteers and CLEARCorps members attend health fairs or workshops to distribute information or visit residences to perform free in home environmental assessments. Since the programs inception in 1992, the Master Home Environmentalist (MHE) program has helped to make over 1500 homes, families and especially children, healthier.

Aileen is the only MHE© Master Trainer. She has successfully trained over 19 ALA affiliates, county health departments and other organizations in the MHE program.

Aileen is an ALA Open Airways for Schools Master Trainer. The Open Airways for Schools Program is an elementary-school based program that empowers children to manage their asthma resulting in fewer episodes. She is a certified Tools for Schools trainer. Tools for Schools is an EPA program that identifies indoor air quality issues in schools. She has run a Healthy House training which instructs builders, contractors, architects and homeowners on how to build environmentally sound homes and buildings. She worked with the city on a multi-faceted design competition for BuiltGreen; with Housing and Health Group, working to evaluate existing housing and maintenance codes; with the EPA to design and produce a mold workshop for professionals; with Seattle Public Utilities, helping to train neighborhood coalitions in environmental air quality issues; with Cleveland High School's HEAL program, an environmental focus on education; with ECOSS (Environmental Coalition of South Seattle) in developing an environmental self assessment for the workplace; with King County Asthma Forum and neighborhood coalitions concerned about asthma and indoor air quality.

Aileen has presented the Master Home Environmentalist (MHE©) Program at the Indoor Environmental Health and Technologies Conference in New Orleans, at the National Conference on Asthma in Washington, DC, at The Joint Conference on Health in Yakima, WA., at the Northwest Household Hazardous Waste Conference in Troutdale, OR., at the Washington State Environmental Health Association in Bellingham, WA. She is a co-author of Monitoring and Reducing Exposure of Infants to Pollutants presented at the ISEA National Conference in October 2004.

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