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Franck Canorel

Topic editor


Franck Canorel is graduate of the School of Public Health of Nancy - France (Faculty of Medicine), holder of a diploma of third cycle in health environment and a MD in geography and planning. He’s also titular university appropriations of the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers in biosafety, epidemiology, geographic information system (GIS), history of the urban environment, history of chemistry, risk management, sustainable development, and was formed with toxicology at the Institute of occupational hygiene and the environment (IHIE) of Angers. He actually leads a Department of hygiene and environmental heath. Member of the Association nationale des techniciens sanitaires (ANTS) and the Association Toxicologie-Chimie (ATC). He did a lot of work on lead poisoning and for the Social security.

Editor of Mithridate (French version) and contributor to Toxipedia.

He also translated the Milestones of Toxicology poster into French – download a pdf from HERE.

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