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Cerberin - Ordeals by Poison

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An ordeal is a judicial rite in which a defendant is subjected to a litmus test of innocence or guilt by means of water, fire or poison. If he is innocent, God will let him live. Otherwise… If an individual is being accused (unilateral ordeal), he must prove his innocence. If two people with contradictory claims appear (bilateral ordeal) they are subjected to the same test designed to ascertain the truth. In Madagascar, an island in the Indian Ocean separated from Africa by the Mozambique Channel, ordeals were common in the 19th century. During the TEST OF TANGUIN (from the etymon tanghena, truth), the fruit of a latex tree belonging to the Apocynaceae family, Cerbera manghas, was used.

Ordeals by Poison poster - Poster

  • Ordeals by Poison poster (pdf file) by Franck Canorel, graduate of the School of Public Health of Nancy - France (Faculty of Medicine), holder of a diploma of third cycle in health environment and a MD in geography and planning
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