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CHASE Program

The U.S. later conducted the CHASE Program - CHASE as an acronym for "cut holes and sink em." The CHASE Program involved loading unwanted munition into aging ships and scuttling them at sea. Most disposals were or conventional weapons but four operations included chemical weapons (#Smart):

1. CHASE 8 - 1967 - Disposed of mustard agents and Sarin filled M55 rockets.

2. CHASE 11 - June 1968 - Disposed of Sarin and VX.

3. CHASE 12 - August 1968 - Disposed of mustard.

4. CHASE 10 - August 1970 - Disposed of about 3,000 tons of nerve agent rockets encased in concrete vaults.

Environmental concern over the sea dumping of chemical weapons led to a public law prohibiting further such missions (#Smart).


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