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The Issue

The Society of Toxicology currently addresses the needs of its membership by providing a variety of valuable activities. However, it is necessary for the Society and the individual members to plan for the future rather than simply react to changes as they occur. Use of emerging technologies, relevant and forward-looking training, a vibrant and relevant research enterprise, and a supply of talented and welltrained future Toxicologists are important for Toxicology to contribute to the health of humans, animals and the environment.

Key Objectives for this Strategic Priority

  • Drive the Evolution of Toxicology and Facilitate Adaptation to Change. The Society will encourage development and appropriate utilization of technical and scientific advancements, and will help engage the membership in these advancements and their applications.
  • Define Future Training Needs. The new Professional Needs Assessment Task Force will identify and prioritize the various future training needs of Toxicologists, including continued training in the use of new technologies and knowledge bases.
  • Secure Increased Funding for Research and Training. The new Research Funding Committee will identify, formulate and recommend strategies and mechanisms for increasing conventional and alternative sources of funding for research and training.
  • Increase the Number and Strengthen the Quality and Training of New Toxicologists. SOT will make a concerted effort to assure that Toxicologists are available to meet future career opportunities including increased entry of young people into Toxicology.
  • Attract, Retain and Develop Scientific Leaders. The Society is committed to the development of scientific leaders and to recruiting scientific leaders from allied disciplines.
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