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Asish Mohapatra

Mr. Asish Mohapatra is a toxicologist and a health risk assessment specialist with twelve years professional work experience in environmental public health science, toxicology, health risk assessment and environmental management. He has post graduate and pre-doctoral degrees in Life Sciences (toxicogenomics, pollution ecology and toxicology) and Environmental Sciences (industrial toxicology and hemato-toxicology) respectively. He has completed courses leading to certificates in risk analysis and toxicology from Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School. He has extensively reviewed and analyzed environmental and toxicological data for numerous human health risk assessments. He has peer reviewed numerous health risk assessment projects and several environmental impact assessment projects related to air, soil and groundwater and biotic effects issues around residential, commercial and industrial contaminated sites. Additionally, he has conducted critical reviews of air toxicology, indoor and outdoor air quality dynamics and issues related to climate change and health risks from everyday exposure to emerging physical, chemical, biological and psychosocial stressors. He has conducted uncertainty analysis, quantitative vapour intrusion modelling, and toxicological evaluations of petroleum and chlorinated and poly aromatic hydrocarbons. He is an associate editor of the fourt edition of "Information Resources in Toxicology". He has been evaluating emerging online tools and technologies (e.g., semantic web informatics) and how to use them to effectively analyze, interprete, disseminate and share toxicological and health risk assessment data to a global audience under public health risk assessment frameworks.

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