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Ali Hassan al-Majid

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Ali Hassan al-Majid, or "Chemical Ali", is a first cousin of former Iraqi Dictator Saddam Huessein. He was in charge of organizing and carrying out Chemical Weapons attacks on the ethnic Kurds of Northern Iraq.



He is the paternal cousin of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein who was appointed Governor of Northern Iraq in 1987 when he began the Anful Campaign (see the history section of the Chemical Weapons page). After Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, Ali was appointed Governor of Kuwait and later made interior minister of Iraq in 1991 (#BBC, 2003).

He was arrested in 2003 and was sentenced to death on June 24, 2007 (#BBC, 2007).

Current Events

January 11, 2007
Update on the trial of Chemical Ali in Baghdad from the Associated Press

November 3, 2006

The Guardian article on Ali and other rulers who are able to get away with genocide.


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