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Advocacy Organizations - Africa

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Association de Protection de L'environnmnet el Nassim
Bir SafSaf Chlef, Algeria


Cameroon Environmental Watch (CEW) "A technical partner of World Resource Institute (WRI) within the Global Forest Watch Program, is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Cameroon, founded on the 16th of January 1997 under reference n° 00032/RDA/J/BAPP. It focuses on environmental problems related to 'critical situations and critical areas.'"


Project Health
Kumasi, Ghana


Environmental Rights Action (ERA): "A Nigerian advocacy non-governmental organization founded on January 11, 1993 to deal with environmental human rights issues in Nigeria." 


Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Africa: "PAN Africa is an information and action network and a member of Pesticide Action Network International, a global coalition of voluntary groups, non-governmental organisations, civil societies, research institutes, scholars, and citizens working towards the adoption of sound ecological practices to replace the use of hazardous chemical pesticides."
Dakar-Fann, Senegal


Earthlife Africa: "A non-profit organisation, founded in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1988, that seeks a better life for all people without exploiting other people or degrading their environment."


AGENDA for Environment and Responsible Development: "To promote a culture of responsibility to the environment amongst the general public through advocacy, capacity building and stakeholders' involvement in Tanzania and beyond."
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of


National Consumer and Environmental Alliance of Togo (ANCE-Togo): "Mission: To promote sustainable development through the adequacy consumption-protection of environment and the valorisation of know-how and local resources."
Lomé, Togo


Greenwatch: "Mission: To enhance public participation in the sustainable use, management and protection of the environment and in the enforcement of the right to a clean and healthy environment."

Uganda Network on Toxic Free Malaria Control (UNETMAC)
Kampala, UT, Uganda


Environment Africa: "Environment Africa is a non profit organisation that works to safeguard the sanctity of the environment."


Eastern Africa Environmental Network: Eastern Africa Environmental Network (EAEN) is a non-profit, regional non-governmental organization. The geographical region of EAEN covers Burundi, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. EAEN serves as a cohesive force in dealing with environmental conservation issues of local, national, regional and global concern.

Greenpeace Africa


NGO News Africa

Conserve Africa: "Conserve Africa is a non-governmental organisation that aims to promote and implement sustainable development practices, policies and strategies in Africa through dissemination of information, training, education, research, advocacy and campaigning." (Based in the U.K.)

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