This Is My Pesticide

IPMopedia invites you to submit personal testimonials containing your thoughts, concerns, or feelings about issues related to pesticides and green gardening. All entries related to these issues are welcome.

Below are our submission guidelines:
• Keep your submissions between 500 and 750 words.
• You can decide how personal you would like your testimonial to be. Remember that it will be posted on Toxipedia for the public to learn from. Anonymous submissions are accepted as long as you provide some basic information about yourself (i.e. scientist, community member, student).
• Email all submissions to The manager of this project is available for editing assistance and will coordinate with you to post your testimonial to the site. You can also submit photos to be posted together with your testimonial.

We appreciate your contributions to our "This Is My Pesticide" project and look forward to hearing from you!


The Myth of Regulation by Kathy Pryor

Thoughts on Gardening by Ginger Souders-Mason

Building a Sustainable Parks Information Network by Shelly Connor

Crane Fly Management by IPM by H. Bruce McCrory

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