Healthy World Theater reaches to the heart....

Our mission is to promote awareness and understanding through the arts to create a more healthy and peaceful world where all creatures may reach, maintain, and enjoy their potential.

We are seeking your recommendations or contributions of artistic material that helps create a healthy world and healthy people. Bring your poems, haiku, songs, plays - almost anything to help us use art to create a more healthy and peaceful world.

Become an author - join us. You can help. Send us material. Tell us about your event.

Explore and expand the connection between Science and Art.

"The creative scientist has much in common with the artist and the poet. Logical thinking and an analytical ability are necessary attributes to the scientist, but they are far from sufficient for creative work. Those insights in science that have led to a breakthrough were not logically derived from preexisting knowledge. The creative process on which the progress of science is based operate on the level of the subconscious."

-Leo Szilard (who wanted to be a poet before he became a physicist)

Healthy World Press

Healthy World Press publishes books that strive to unite the arts and sciences to forge a more heathy and peaceful world.

Our first book is Particles on the Wall, was released February 13, 2011 and now available as an e-book in EPUB and PDF versions.

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