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Healthy World Press ( publishes interdisciplinary books connecting science, history, and art. We work with authors to edit and publish print and e-books that explore environmental health topics through multiple perspectives and media.

Our goal is to unite the arts and sciences to forge a more healthy and peaceful world. See below for information on our current titles: A Small Dose of Toxicology, 2nd Edition, Particles on the Wall, and The Alzheimer President.

Healthy World Press was initially developed as part of a larger effort called Healthy World Theater (HWT). Healthy World Theater and Healthy World Press are dedicated to making knowledge accessible within the context of history, politics, and culture, and through the lens of both artistic media and scientific information.

Healthy World Press is a project of the Institute of Neurotoxicology & Neurological Disorders (INND), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Proceeds from the books are dedicated to furthering a healthy and peaceful world. For more information contact Steven Gilbert at


A Small Dose of Toxicology, 2nd Edition

A Small Dose of Toxicology is an introductory toxicology textbook that examines the health effects of common chemical agents and places toxicology within the framework of our daily lives. Agents covered include not only obvious candidates such as lead, mercury, and solvents, but familiar compounds such as caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. Additional chapters cover basic toxicology, targets of toxic agents, and applied toxicology.

Download your copy to your computer or e-reader (in EPUB, Kindle MOBI, or PDF format) here!






The Alzheimer President

The Alzheimer President, by Bernard Weiss, was written during Ronald Reagan’s tenure and explores the policy implications of early neurodegenerative disease.

The gripping novella raises critical questions lying at the intersection of science and society: How good are our tools for detecting incipient neurobehavioral dysfunction? How effectively can we ascertain that exposure to a neurotoxic chemical has generated damage to the brain? Are we, as a society, prepared to respond when leaders show signs of neurodegenerative disease?

The Alzheimer President captivates readers with its social relevance, engaging characters, and fast-paced plot, and is embellished with beautiful full-color illustrations.

Download your copy to your computer or e-reader (in EPUB, Kindle MOBI, or PDF format) here!

Print copies can be requested by contacting Steven Gilbert at



Particles on the Wall

Particles on the Wall: An interdisciplinary exhibit connecting science and art in exploring the history of Hanford and major themes of today's nuclear age

Particles on the Wall (POTW) is an interdisciplinary book and exhibit illuminating key events regarding Washington State's nuclear history, current concerns with radioactive contamination, and the quest for peace.

It brings together science factoids, poems, visual art, and historical memorabilia, reaching out to hearts and minds in the exploration of the nuclear age, one of the most significant and challenging developments in human history. More details on the exhibit and additional contributions can be found at

Our book is a beautiful full-color complement to the exhibit, containing poems, original art, science and history factoids, and historical memorabilia, presented thematically.

Download your copy to your computer or e-reader (in EPUB, Kindle MOBI, or PDF format) here!

Print copies of POTW can be requested by contacting Steven Gilbert at The first edition of Particles on the Wall was released on February 13, 2011; for additional information see the press release.

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