A Small Dose of Toxicology is an introductory toxicology textbook that examines the health effects of common chemical agents and places toxicology within the framework of our daily lives. Agents covered include not only obvious candidates such as lead, mercury, and solvents, but familiar compounds such as caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. Additional chapters cover basic toxicology, targets of toxic agents, and applied toxicology.

The first edition of the book was published in 2004 by CRC Press. This revised and expanded second edition, available only as an e-book, was released by Healthy World Press in January 2012. Author Steven Gilbert's goal is to make toxicology both relevant and interesting to the casual reader. Toxicology is the study of how chemicals affect the body. Science and the use of chemicals are integral to modern life; the more the public understand how chemicals affect their health and well-being, the more society can do to make smart decisions that protect human and environmental health.

One of the important aspects of science and of toxicology is how people's understanding of chemicals has evolved over time. The lessons we have learned with the use of chemicals, sometimes unhappy ones, are often incorporated into present-day regulation and best practices to protect human and environmental health.

Often the challenge is not only to generate new information, but to better use what we already know in order to make the best possible decisions and policies for our families and future generations. In 2006 Steven Gilbert founded Toxipedia, a wiki-based site, to encourage information sharing among toxicologists, scientists, and others and to put toxicological sciences in the context of history, society, and culture. The site has steadily grown and now offers over a thousand pages with information on toxic chemicals, ethical considerations, laws and regulation, the history of toxicology, green chemistry, and much more.

A Small Dose of Toxicology, 2nd Edition contains links to pages on Toxipedia to allow readers to easily explore topics of interest in more depth. Our goal is to make A Small Dose of Toxicology a dynamic and evolving resource. Scientists, students, and teachers will be able to add new material to future editions to help build the knowledge base.

Healthy World Press is a division of the Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders (INND). INND is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that makes scientific information freely accessible in order to help support a more healthy and peaceful world. There is no charge for downloading A Small Dose of Toxicology, 2nd Edition or the supporting PowerPoint presentations, but please consider making a small donation to support our work to regularly update both the book and Toxipedia. To contact the author, please email sgilbert@innd.org.

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