2nd Edition Preface

My goal has always been to make toxicology both relevant and interesting to the casual reader. Toxicology is the study of how chemicals affect the body. Science, and more specifically our use of chemicals, is integral to modern life; the more we understand how chemicals affect our health and well-being, the better consumers we will be.

After finishing the first edition of A Small Dose of Toxicology (published by Taylor & Francis in 2006) I created a website to support the book and make PowerPoint presentations readily and freely available for each chapter of the book. Read more of the 2nd edition preface


1st Edition Preface

Historically toxicology has focused on poisonous chemicals with death as the primary endpoint, but my interest in toxicology began when I realized that even small amounts of a chemical could irrevocably damage the brain of the developing child, resulting in a lifetime of harm. Knowing that a high level of exposure to a chemical can kill an animal, insect, plant, or human is no longer as relevant as the knowledge that repeated exposure to chemicals at low levels can cause brain damage or cancer. The knowledge that children exposed to commonly used chemicals could be permanently affected for a lifetime seemed to me both profound and tragic. Thus, my initial interest and primary focus was on how chemicals affect the developing brain, particularly on the effects of exposure to lead and mercury. Read more of the 1st edition preface

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