2nd Edition Acknowledgments

The 2nd edition of A Small Dose of Toxicology as an e-book evolved with the development of Toxipedia ( The development of Toxipedia was possible only with the support of Darryl Duke and his company Stepstone Technologies Inc. ( I owe Darryl huge thanks for his technical support as well as his steadfast encouragement. Another big thanks to Kelli Lewis of Kelli Lewis Design ( who created all the logos for the Toxipedia websites as well as the new book cover. Philip Dickey was once again generous enough to read and provide insightful comments on the second edition. Maria Mergel Williams did a final edit before preparing material for the website and the e-book. Jeff Williams was the master of preparing the e-book and creating the final e-pub files. Finally, I want to thank Janice Camp for her tolerance of my efforts and ongoing support in all ways large and small.


1st Edition Acknowledgments

The idea for this book germinated while preparing to teach a continuing education course on toxicology for the Department of Environmental Health at the University of Washington. I wish to thank the staff in the Continuing Education program for the opportunity to develop some of this material as well as many of the instructors that gave different lectures. In particular I want to thank Gerald van Belle, at that time Chair of the Department of Environmental Health, for introducing one of the continuing education programs as “A Small Dose of Toxicology." Parts of the first two chapters were originally developed for the Master Home Environmentalist (MHE) Program as a section of their training manual. The MHE program trains volunteers to help people reduce hazardous exposure in the home. This book is for the volunteers. Philip Dickey encouraged me to “get on with it” and improved the book in many large and small ways. He provided a first draft of the chapter on home toxics, read all the chapters and provided many substantive and editorial comments. Finally, I want to thank Janice Camp for her ongoing support in all ways large and small.

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