A History of Toxicology

A Small Dose of Toxicology History

  • An Introduction to the History of Toxicology

The history of toxicology is rich with personalities, political intrigue, warfare, regulation, and, most importantly, lessons learned. It begins with early humans’ need for survival, which required an understanding the potential hazards of the plants and animals they encountered. Early experimentation with plants was driven by an interest in curing various ailments of body and spirit.

Milestones of Toxicology: an Interactive Poster

The Milestones of Toxicology poster was created by Steven G. Gilbert and  Toni Hayes in 2006 for the 45th Society of Toxicology meeting. The poster is interactive: click on a square to get more information. To open or download the clickable Milestones poster click HERE; to learn more about toxicology history on Toxipedia go HERE.

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Chapter Outline

History of Toxicology: Lessons Learned
Introduction: Antiquity
Early Poisons
Toxicological Sciences
Recognizing Hazards
History of Toxicology Resources


History Resources from Toxipedia

History of Toxicology Chapter

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