Composting In WA State

A Leader

Residential food waste collection programs are on the rise, with the west coast leading the pack. In Washington State, 60 municipalities collect food- and yard waste and more than 40 industrial facilities process organic waste.

Year: As of 2012. Source: Yepsen, Rhodes. “Residential Food Collection in the U.S.” BioCycle Magazine, March 2013. 23-28.

King County alone has 38 municipalities collecting food waste, which equals over 300,000 households (not including Seattle!).

Where in WA?

Our 65 composting facilities come in various sizes and process different kinds of organic matter, from wastewater to yard waste. All facilities are regulated under the Composting Facility Standards set out in WAC 173-550-220.

Facilities that process food- and/or yard waste only are mapped below.

For more detailed information

All of the registered composting facilities in Washington State are marked on the following map. Clicking on a particular point will bring up information on the type of feedstocks that facility processes.

What Is Processed, At-a-Glance

This table displays the facilities by county and the types of materials composted there (2011). Clicking on the links below will provide more detailed information about each facility.





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