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Over the past decade, more and more compost facilities have opened due to public funding, stipulations in solid waste plans, and the public requiring more waste diversion. At the same time, with the help of technology, composting facilities have grown in size, capable of processing more waste on a smaller footprint. Recent complaints from surrounding neighbors about odor and health concerns are being directed at these large-scale composting facilities.

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By examining current practices, relevant scientific information, and case studies of how composting facilities around the world have assessed and remedied odor and air quality issues, Facts on Composting strives to foster an understanding of current issues in order to achieve a cooperative and sustainable solution.

our goal

To provide a professional and objective resource for learning about large-scale composting in Western Washington, focusing on such issues as odor, air emissions, and potential threats to human and environmental health.

our composting flyer

The composting flyer summarizes a range of composting issues.  Also available as a pdf HERE.